About me.

Since 1994 (when I was about 15) I was drawn to this software called Adobe Photoshop v3.0. I was fascinated with what it could do, and more so what I could create using it.


A few years later, around 1996, I started learning this amazing coding language called HTML. What I was able to do with that was mind blowing! (At that time at least) Using Windows Notepad I would manually code for hours and hours and in the end, I’d run the file and voila, a website was born!


Throughout the years I moved on to learning vector based design with Adobe Illustrator. Eventually, as Adobe grew their suite, I learned how to properly lay out print materials using InDesign.


Fast forward 20+ years later, the software and technology have evolved tremendously. As always, I have kept up with it, always sharpening my knowledge by learning the latest and greatest.


Today, my specialties are in branding, menu design, and website design/development. Some of my clients include popular reality TV shows, production companies, bars and restaurants. To this day I enjoy and love what I do and am always excited to take on new projects.


So enough about my professional skills, I also have a few hobbies. I play the guitar and am currently learning how to play an ancient instrument called the Oud. Oh yeah, and I also have a pizza obsession!


Ok, enough said, that pretty much sums it all up. I look forward to working on your next logo, menu, company brand, website, and/or whatever involves pixels & vectors!

Sahak Dulguerian